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MA-CT casino wars

Massachusetts stole GE from Connecticut, so now Connecticut is doing its best to undercut the $500-plus million MGM casino under construction in Springfield. Two Connecticut Indian tribes — the Mashantucket Pequots who own Foxwoods and the Mohegans who own Mohegan Sun — are teaming up to build a $300 million casino in East Windsor, which(...)

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A model for Baker in Maryland

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker continues his tightrope walk between owning the “R” after his name and trying to create distance with the R-occupant of the White House. The trouble is, distance and tightrope don’t always go hand-in-hand. On Sunday night, Baker was at a black tie dinner for the nation’s governors hosted by President Trump(...)

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The long-running soap opera of Roxbury Community College

There was a time that missteps by administrators at Roxbury Community College were met with sighs and snickers over the continual stream of malfeasance at the two-year state school. But the recurrence of questions over administration and finances continues to roil what was planned to be a crown jewel for the beleaguered community and will once(...)

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1984? Try 10 years earlier

Critics of President Donald Trump’s 26-day tenure liken it to an Orwellian world, where “alternative facts” and “fake news” mean the opposite of what we’ve always believed. But with the breathtaking events of the past 24 to 72 hours, a better comparison than 1984 might be 10 years earlier and the siege of the Nixon administration.(...)

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