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The Codcast: Speaking up for the pay hike

There was a lot of stealth and quiet involving the now-passed pay raise for state officials that sits on Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk awaiting his promised veto. When House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg issued their joint statement last week about a public hearing on a two-year-old report recommending massive increases for(...)

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Slow train coming?

The idea of a faster train between Boston and New York sounds like no-brainer. Cutting the travel time between two booming East Coast cities to 2 hours and 45 minutes seems like something everyone would get behind. Everyone, that is, except residents and the political leadership of the two states that sit between Massachusetts and(...)

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Focusing on the optics of a pay raise

Just as lawmakers are putting down their right hands from being sworn in for the new term, they’ve decided to take up a two-year-old report that portrays them as woefully underpaid and recommends hefty raises all around, hikes that would push compensation for constitutional officers and legislative leadership near the top among all states. While there(...)

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Baker pushes health cost controls

Gov. Charlie Baker launched the beginning of what promises to be a very interesting debate about how to rein in the cost of health care in Massachusetts, releasing an internal planning document calling for assessments on employers who don’t offer their workers health insurance and caps on the rates health providers can charge for their(...)

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