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The private college trap

The Globe Magazine over the weekend carried a provocative headline: “Work hard. Go to college. Get ahead…and other bad advice we’re giving low-income students.” The story by Neil Swidey doesn’t quite match the headline, but it nevertheless paints a very troubling portrait of low-income students getting in way over their heads financially at what Swidey(...)

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The Codcast: The Bernie vs. Hillary throw down edition

While some predicted riots at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, with party loyalists unwilling to abide the nomination of Donald Trump, the Democratic convention in Philadelphia may be the one with all the action. Though Hillary Clinton is virtually certain to win the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders is not going anywhere. In fact, he’s(...)

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Boston student walkout about cuts — and more

For the second time this year, Boston Public Schools students walked out of classes to protest budget cuts they say imperil their ability to get a quality education. Tuesday’s walkout was much smaller than a demonstration in March, when several thousand students arrived in front of the State House and then marched to City Hall.(...)

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