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Tom Brady’s politics

Ever since Tom Brady skipped the New England Patriots’ White House visit late last month, there has been endless speculation on talk radio and in print about why the team captain was a no-show. Was he making some sort of political statement? (He had no problem visiting the Bush White House) Did he have Oval(...)

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Iron Man run off by reporter

Robert Downey Jr.  was talking up the new Avengers movie in London when his TV interviewer suddenly started asking him questions about his past drug use, his politics, and his father. Downey eventually took offense, shed his microphone, and left. “It was getting a little Diane Sawyer and you’re kind of a schmuck,” he said to his interviewer on(...)

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Pushing back on Baker’s T reform

Lawmakers began pushing back against the Baker administration’s MBTA reform plan on Monday, questioning the need for a special T control board, raising doubts about unspent capital funds, and suggesting there’s no evidence the Pacheco Law has hindered the transit agency’s efforts to contract out work. At a State House hearing, Sen. Thomas McGee of(...)

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