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Imagining the transportation nightmares of Cape Cod and Western Mass.

Transportation problems in places like Cape Cod and Western Massachusetts get overshadowed in the handwringing over how the state’s economic fortunes unravel when the metro Boston transit system is out of whack. But if Beacon Hill has been remiss in dealing with the MBTA, just imagine the frustrations of residents in the far-flung regions of(...)

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Crunching the T’s numbers

In early April, the Boston Globe splashed a report across its front page about excessive absenteeism at the MBTA. Citing pages in a soon-to-be-released report from an advisory panel appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker, the Globe reported that T workers are off the job an average of 57 days a year and their overall absence rate(...)

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Death by a billion clicks?

Many have been sounding the death knell for print and television news since the worldwide embrace of the Internet. Legacy media have been losing eyes and bleeding red ink as more and more readers get their news online, whether it’s from their tablets and computers or, increasingly, their smartphones. So why, one might ask, would such(...)

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