Colman M. Herman

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State getting some leases in order

Officials putting finishing touches on plan to raise rents and provide public access

DCR ups rent demands

Agency's requested minimum rent is four times what current parking lot operator is paying

The inside story of gaming agency hire

Emails indicate no “public relations hit” was foreseen

City tweaks contract with Swan Boats

New deal doesn’t address most concerns

Gas price crackdown has no legal authority

‘Market emergency’ needed for gouging prosecutions

The underbelly of Beacon Hill

Attorney General Martha Coakley’s statement of her case against Richard Vitale is revealing

IG questions legality of Red Sox deals

Sullivan says the BRA should get fair compensation for deals involving Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street

The puzzle at DCR

Auditor Suzanne Bump called in to review public lease oversight problems


The state’s sloppy oversight of public land leases is costly for taxpayers

Occupy attracts few people of color

‘I don’t know why they aren’t showing up,’ says one protestor

Two points of view on small claims reforms

Clerk magistrates see improvement, but lawyers say imbalance still persists

Contract dispute

Boston's fiscal watchdog and the city's schools tussle over the use of unadvertised, no-bid contracts

Psychologist seeks return of license

In SJC case, psychologist admits having sex with patient, but says there were mitigating circumstances