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Uber ego

Uber is what many describe as a “disruptive technology,” that emerging portion of the so-called gig economy that is challenging traditional models of commerce with little regard for the niceties of business or, for that matter, regulations. Uber, Lyft, Bridj, and other transportation network companies have had a chilling effect on taxis and livery; Airbnb,,(...)

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The Codcast: Moulton doesn’t mince words

The phrase “mealy-mouthed politician” often seems redundant, so closely do we associate political figures with an aversion to direct answers that cut through the usual fog. That does not describe Seth Moulton, the second-term Democratic congressman from Salem. Moulton answers questions with a degree of candor that is refreshing and sometimes jarring. When CommonWealth sat(...)

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When not guilty is not innocent

Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man. Technically. The former New England Patriots star tight end, who apparently took his life early this morning in his cell at the state’s maximum security prison in Shirley, was acquitted of a double murder last week but was still serving a life sentence for the 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd.(...)

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Home loan segregation

A study of home mortgage lending in Massachusetts provides yet another window on racial segregation in Massachusetts. The study, by the Massachusetts Community & Banking Council, found blacks in 2015 received either no home loans or one loan in nearly two-thirds of the 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. In just over 40 percent of the(...)

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Downtown Crossing’s renaissance

For those wondering what the turnaround of Downtown Crossing means for the city of Boston, two stories this week in the Boston Globe and CommonWealth magazine provide some perspective. The Globe on Wednesday splashed a column by Thomas Farragher across its front page proclaiming that Downtown Crossing “is back in the show.” Farragher does a(...)

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