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Baker likes the center

Gov. Charlie Baker demonstrated again on Monday his ability to shape-shift to the political center. The Republican governor, who had once floated the idea of merging the state’s Life Sciences Center into a broader economic development agency, opted instead for a five-year extension of his Democratic predecessor’s life science initiative. He said he would ask(...)

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The Codcast: How you beat Baker

Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie grabbed some badly needed media attention this week when the two candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor issued a joint press statement attacking Gov. Charlie Baker for refusing to take a stand on the millionaire’s tax. Gonzalez, a former health care executive and top budget official under former governor(...)

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How a health care bill becomes a law

While all eyes yesterday were on the Senate hearing where Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying, some actual legislating is taking place in Washington — or so we are led to believe. The once-moribund Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill, which the House resuscitated last month, passed, and sent along to the Senate, may be moving toward a(...)

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The Codcast: Auburndale whistleblowers

Today’s Codcast features the TransitMatters guys who put the brakes on an $11 million MBTA redesign of the Auburndale commuter rail station that was going to improve handicap accessibility but result in poorer service on the Framingham-Worcester Line. Andy Monat brought the problem to the general public’s attention with an article in CommonWealth that bluntly(...)

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