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Opening the gate

Former FBI director James Comey now joins the growing ranks of law enforcement officials fired by President Trump, alongside former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and Preet Bharara, the former US attorney in New York. In addition to their shared fates, they also are three law enforcement officials who were overseeing active investigations into the(...)

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Pot sale prohibitions spread

Voters approved recreational marijuana last November, but is it possible that buying pot won’t be that easy? Foxboro on Monday night became the latest town to ban recreational marijuana growing and  sales facilities. The Foxboro vote follows on the heels of similar actions in several other communities, including Westborough and Southborough. Officials in many other(...)

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The Codcast: Probation, patronage, and power struggles

Patronage, no matter how blatant or unsavory, is not a crime. At least that’s what a federal appeals court ruled recently in overturning the convictions of former Probation commissioner Jack O’Brien and two of his colleagues, who doled out jobs at the agency to curry favor with lawmakers. William Fick, one of the attorneys who(...)

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Beacon Hill budget blues

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Actually, don’t. But the temptation is understandable, as state officials do their best impression of a broken record and once again announce that revenues have not met projections, raising the prospect of mid-year budget cuts and putting a cloud over current work on the 2018 budget. The(...)

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A shameful record

The renowned sports philosopher Duane Charles Parcells has often noted that no matter what image one might project on the outside, people cannot escape the reality of their true being. “You are what your record says you are,” the old ball coach has repeatedly said in an observation that is as applicable off the field(...)

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The Globe’s Trump parody — one year later

The Boston Globe’s “opinion team” on Sunday took a look back at its Trump parody front page from a year ago and discovered most of its predictions were off-base. The parody predicted stock markets would tank but they’ve actually soared. It said the attorney general would be Chris Christie, but instead the position is held(...)

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