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It’s Woo everything in Worcester

At the press conference last month announcing the Pawsox would be moving to Worcester, the team’s chairman, Larry Lucchino, didn’t sound like he was a fan of WooSox as the club’s new nickname. Even though Minor League Baseball trademarked WooSox, Lucchino insisted the club’s name hadn’t been decided yet. When someone in the crowd shouted(...)

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DeLeo spins a positive tale

House Speaker Robert DeLeo dutifully sidled up to the state’s other top Democrats at a “unity” gathering yesterday morning in Dorchester, where party pooh-bahs reveled in their victories — and tried to paper over any divisions from primary races that saw some of them on the losing side of big races. Asked after the event(...)

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Five keys to the primary election

Newcomers or incumbents? Several races feature contests between incumbents with seniority and power versus newcomers who represent change. In most of the cases, the change isn’t about ideology but simply about someone new, usually someone younger. The marquee matchup in this regard is between US Rep. Michael Capuano, 66, and Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley,(...)

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Are the parties over?

It’s a trend that’s been underway for years, and it may only accelerate. For all the talk of the enduring strength of the two-party system, voters unaligned with any party make up the largest — and a growing — share of the Massachusetts electorate. The Globe reports that the share of “unenrolled” or independent voters(...)

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The Codcast: Is change in the air?

Will this be a change election in Massachusetts? A lot of political energy has been unleashed in reaction to Donald Trump’s election two years ago. Nationally, Democrats are hoping it will translate into big gains in the midterm congressional elections, with possibility of taking back control of the House. In Massachusetts, where Democrats already hold(...)

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