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The Codcast: Business tackles transportation emissions

Alli Gold Roberts says the business community is a bigger supporter of addressing climate change than you might think. A senior manager for state policy at Ceres, which works with Fortune 500 companies and other business groups in addressing sustainability issues, Roberts said many businesses view climate change from a perspective of self-interest. Transportation, for(...)

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Fifty shades of Rockland

The South Shore town of Rockland seems to be in a sex-fueled political meltdown. The lurid saga first surfaced on May 23 when Boston 25 News reported that two town officials were facing misconduct allegations for engaging in inappropriate behavior the previous week inside Town Hall after leaving a bar. Six days later, the Board(...)

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The message of 2018 elections

Hello, Mike Capuano and Richard Neal? We have a message for you. That message was delivered loud and clear and if they weren’t paying attention, they’ll learn it in a New York minute. The message was no seat is safe, regardless of money, seniority, or casting the right votes. Boston University graduate and political neophyte Alexandria(...)

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Sales tax boon – or not?

It’s going to cost some people a little more to make online purchases after the Supreme Court ruled in a case involving Massachusetts-based Wayfair that states can collect sales tax on purchases by residents no matter where the seller is located. For many states, that not only clears up confusion stemming from a 25-year-old decision that said(...)

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