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Obama endorses six candidates in MA

Former president Barack Obama waded into political races across the country on Monday, endorsing 260 Democratic candidates in 29 states, including six in Massachusetts. Obama made a series of endorsements in August, but none of those was in Massachusetts. This time he backed Jay Gonzalez and Quentin Palfrey for governor and lieutenant governor, Ayanna Pressley(...)

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The Codcast: The women of pot

The “bro” culture of pot is a dominant image of marijuana. Cheech and Chong are the dudes who most represent the “stoner” generation while the legal industry is increasingly seeing corporations and investors dominated by men. The reality is a little more diverse, though, and Massachusetts is aiming to hold the door open for previously(...)

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The politics of disasters

Disasters have a way of defining politics and elections. Many believe Hurricane Sandy, and then-Gov. Chris Christie’s embrace of President Barack Obama, helped push the president over the top for reelection because of his administration’s response. Likewise, many pundits thought President George W. Bush’s flyover and ham-handed handling of the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina(...)

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