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What’s the standard for Rosenberg?

We have, it seems, crossed the Rubicon in Massachusetts politics regarding sexual harassment with the latest allegations against the husband of Senate President Stan Rosenberg. The bombshell story Thursday from Boston Globe columnist – and one-time State House reporter – Yvonne Abraham gave salacious details of Bryon Hefner grabbing, groping, and kissing advocates and lobbyists(...)

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Berkshire Museum’s art sale

THE BOSTON GLOBE editorial page offered its support over the weekend for the Berkshire Museum’s plan to sell off 40 of its most valued works of art, including two paintings by Norman Rockwell. The editorial acknowledged the proposed sale is unprecedented in the museum world, but said the financially struggling Pittsfield-based institution has little choice. “Absent an(...)

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Nothing but ‘net

The Trump administration is ready to jettison another Obama-era regulation in a win for Big Telecom, this time laying waste to “net neutrality” rules that mandate equal access to the internet by service providers. The Republican-majority Federal Communications Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, who just won Senate approval for a five-year term, bowed to(...)

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Big Tobacco’s mea culpa ad campaign

Big Tobacco is launching a major ad campaign this Sunday in which it acknowledges the deadly nature of smoking and the industry’s role in concealing the danger of cigarettes from the public. The unusual campaign, the outgrowth of a court case that began in 1999, will feature a series of five, stark full-page ads in(...)

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The Codcast: Gateway Cities come of age

It was 10 years ago that MassINC launched its Gateway Cities initiative with a report documenting the challenges — and huge opportunities — in the state’s once vibrant industrial cities. “Massachusetts’ proud, old manufacturing cities must be counted, on balance, as distressed,” it said. Yet, concluded the report, “For the first time in decades, these(...)

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Heroux and Lantigua, what’s the difference?

Will he or won’t he? Right now, Attleboro Mayor-elect Paul Heroux won’t resign from the House, where he’s served since 2013, saying he can do both jobs effectively. It’s an interesting dynamic building and a stark contrast between how Heroux is being treated by his fellow Democratic lawmakers and how former state representative William Lantigua was(...)

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