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The Codcast: How reliable is the T? Do we need overnight buses?

The Codcast this week is an MBTA twofer: James Aloisi and Josh Fairchild of TransitMatters make a pitch for an overnight bus service pilot and also interview Matthew Casale, a staff attorney from MassPIRG, about the accuracy of a reliability indicator the T is using. TransitMatters, along with the communities of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Everett,(...)

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Judge, jury, executioner, and president

For someone who touts himself as a law-and-order kind of guy, President Trump does law enforcement officials and prosecutors no favors with his impulsive social media and campaign-style rhetoric. The terror attack that killed eight people in Manhattan on Tuesday is the latest incident to draw attention from Trump’s ungoverned fingers as he tweeted out(...)

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Walsh plays it cute in council contest

It’s less than a week until Boston’s municipal election, which means we’re officially in the silly season phase. This stage of the race is the one in which we’re reminded of a time-honored Boston act of political hair-splitting: the offering of support for a candidate, but not a formal endorsement. The silly season episode this(...)

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The Codcast: Subsidizing congestion

Everyone knows about traffic congestion in Boston. It’s why we’re often late for meetings. It’s why sightseeing firms are paring back their tours because the tourists are spending too much time sitting in traffic. And it’s why many Boston officials are worried Amazon will take a pass on the city — traffic is just too(...)

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