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MBTA not susceptible to magical solutions

Here are my five ideas for putting the transit agency on an upward trajectory

A new MBTA board of directors is needed urgently

Healey could make three new appointments immediately

An MBTA to-do list for Gov. Healey

Focus is on governance, funding, safety, decarbonization

Sargent and Dukakis offer lessons for Healey

New governor must be willing to challenge legacy policies, mindsets

A roadmap for fixing the MBTA

Create new board, have state pay for RIDE, 50% of debt service

In defense of autonomous vehicle law

Government has a duty to regulate what happens on its infrastructure

A guide for getting through the MBTA shutdowns

How did we get here, and how do we survive it?

MBTA service levels need to be restored asap

Lack of training space in OCC cannot be excuse for lack of hiring

Don’t forget the poetry of public transit

Each trip is a journey and a shared social experience

A reminder we forget our past at our own peril

Prosecution of Dr. Kenneth Edelin for abortion in 1974

Mass. should seek fed grants on I-90 Allston this month

Project is exactly the type Biden, Buttigieg are looking for

Lifting mask mandate is right thing to do

It was done incorrectly, but it makes sense right now

Senate plan puts too much emphasis on electric vehicles

State needs to also focus on getting people out of cars, electrifying rail system

The T should not be playing fiscal musical chairs

Legislature needs to step up with additional funding

Suspending the gas tax doesn’t make sense

GOP proposal is a political stunt plain and simple

A ‘duende’ diss to Tom Brady

Unlike Russell or Orr, TB12 doesn’t have it

Deciphering T-speak on fare-free bus, capital transfer

No FTA impediment exists to Wu proposal on 3 bus routes

Free or cheap parking is the great enabler

It encourages more auto use and more emissions

The all-EV approach won’t work

Transportation decarbonization also requires getting people out of cars

Thanksgiving is what we make of it

It can be a day of reflection, sharing, and generosity

9/11 was a ‘pattern break’ for US society

Today we face another – what have we learned?

Rural transportation article fell short

I-90 Allston is about fixing it first – and better

RFK – and what could have been

An assassin’s bullet redirected American history

Fed support for transit operations needed

Without aid, maintenance problems will keep recurring

Requiring masks on public transit makes no sense

Science doesn’t support it, and it’s sending wrong message

We must guard against human isolation

Social distancing, telecommuting are enemies of social cohesion