James Aloisi

Guest Contributor

Stories by James Aloisi

Strapped to the status quo express

We can’t keep running away from the need for new revenue

Blue Line needs urgent attention

Current vision for the subway line borders on fantasy

Transportation equity: Is it a good thing?

Those who fear displacement don't see it that way

Bustitutions aren’t the only option during shutdowns

Maybe commuter rail trains could operate as MBTA shuttles

Regulatory reset needed on Uber, self-driving cars

Impose a series of fees and use the funds for public transit

TNCs existential threat to public transportation

Ride-hailing apps are a disruptive auto-centric technology

What am I missing at Allston Landing?

At-grade Pike, West Station early on are no-brainers

Time to reconsider S. Coast Rail phased plan

Current approach is too slow and offers too little bang for the buck

The T is failing before our very eyes

Transit agency needs substantial new revenue to get the job done

He brought Boston back from the brink

And to think it might not have happened but for a needless insult

We can tackle traffic congestion

To paraphrase Beyoncé, put a price on it

Baker, Trump budgets disappointing for transportation

Level funding regional transit authorities amounts to a shameful budget cut

Francis Appleton, a man on autopilot

Have you ever wondered whether time has bested you, or you it?

Railing against transportation madness

Gondolas, a 2040 West Station, and autonomous vehicles

Putting cash in its place at the MBTA

Eliminating payments on board buses, Green Line makes sense

Walsh’s transportation to-do list

It’s a unique moment to address the city’s inequities

Dear Gov. Raimondo: Express trains wrong ask

Let’s improve existing service and help all passengers

Changing of the guard in East Boston

Lydia Edwards election is full manifestation of shift

Boston’s embrace of political predictability

Mayoral election failing to generate enthusiasm or debate

Attract Amazon + fix the T

Leverage new HQ to extend, connect Blue Line

A Boston tower and the law of unintended consequences

Building above FAA height limit will affect traffic at Logan

Trump misunderstands history’s arc

Comparing Washington and Lee is a false equivalence

Rep. Straus’s idea is a really bad one

Don’t rob Peter (Massport) to pay Paul (Metropolitan Highway System)

My flag won’t be flying this July 4th

Our nation faces the most existential crisis since the Civil War

Greenway is no secondhand coat

‘We ought to be so much better than this’

We must learn from Seaport District failures

The next tests come at Allston Landing, Suffolk Downs

Lessons from the collapse of Bridj

Quality counts, but transportation also requires subsidies