James Aloisi

Guest Contributor

Stories by James Aloisi

When does reform end and revenue begin at the T?

At Pioneer, it’s always more reform – never revenue

Have you gone on a pilgrimage?

Everyone should set personal goals and try to reach them

New Seaport garage makes sense

300 net new spaces in 1,500-space garage

Attack on DiMasi was irresponsible

Former speaker did not block progressive values

New T board needs to include municipalities

Cities, via nonresidential parking taxes, must have skin in the game

MBTA governance needs radical makeover

Municipalities need to play a much bigger role

Debunking the Track 61 plan

It is a solution in search of a problem

Meditating on liberty

The rise of Trump and one-party dominance

Glass ceilings don’t always remain shattered

Reflecting on the rise of women in major state transportation roles

Electoral College must go

Winner should be the one with most votes

Rearranging the electoral map

Tracking the migration of American politics

Sacrifice is out of style in politics

We are the generation from whom less is expected

Shutdown process costly for the T

Tab for well-meaning gesture may be $3.8m a year

Being smart is not enough

Beware the ‘shiny object syndrome’

Boneheaded transportation moves

Comments are so wacky, it must be August

VMT is the way to go

No need to fear this tech-driven user fee

What Independence Day is all about

It’s not about building walls, it’s about hope, aspiration

There’s no getting around

Too many proposals in Boston restrict mobility without added value for the city

Why Boston drove Ali fight out of town

District Attorney Garrett Byrne showed political courage

Whither Boston?

IndyCar didn’t reflect the city’s values

Our plan for late-night MBTA service

Utilizing existing buses, T would run all night, every night

Transit once again taking back seat to car

Inequity in pretax benefits shows the disparity

The wars at the T have to stop

Put riders first with reform and revenue

More thoughts on the Seaport District

Relieving congestion by adding capacity doesn’t work