John E. McDonough

Guest Contributor

Stories by John E. McDonough

Trump’s health plan folly

Would leave 21 million uninsured and create a $270-500 billion budget hole

Amazing gains in global health – 2015

Plenty to celebrate in efforts to lessen human suffering and disease

Sanders vs. Clinton on health care

Clash between grand vision and what's important and achievable

Setting hospital prices by ballot question

SEIU pushes anti-Partners initiative — but may be looking for a legislative fix

Obamacare repeal would mean 22 million people lose coverage

President vetoes Republican effort, but GOP will keep trying

Why Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act

New Medicare taxes on the wealthy responsible for much of the animus

An ACA damage assessment

Mixed impact of efforts thus far to derail health law

No time to go wobbly on One Care

Program has hit hurdles, but we need to stay the course

Financing the Affordable Care Act

Obamacare explained, including the Republican plan for its repeal

US Chamber of Commerce’s shameful tobacco work

National business group and foreign affiliates are fighting tobacco regulation and anti-smoking efforts

The Supreme Court surprise that wasn’t

Ruling on health care subsidies was expected, but is still a relief

CBO: Obamacare repeal would be costly

Congressional report projects big increases in defiit and uninsured from repeal of the Affordable Care Act

A grand bargain on medical device tax

In exchange for repeal of tax, let's have price transparency on high-cost devices

Grading Obamacare

Sizing up the Affordable Care Act's 10 main components

Reality and unreality in new Congressional Medicare deal

Agreement is a good thing, but not a game-changing breakthrough

Explaining Obamacare to foreigners

On the 5th anniversary of health care reform, taking stock of its limitations and breakthrough achievements

The Affordable Care Act is working

Amidst brickbats from critics, national health care reform is delivering results

Baker’s health care moment

The state’s new leader has deeper background in health policy than any governor in Massachusetts history — and he’ll need to tap every bit of it.