Lawrence S. DiCara

Guest Contributor

Stories by Lawrence S. DiCara

Voting choices not a simple matter

Ideology, geography, race, gender and more all play a role

Anti-vaxxers aren’t the main problem

Most unvaccinated children in Mass. simply fall through the cracks

Time to stop zoning out children

We need our land use rules to match family-friendly values

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Dominance of traditionally high-voting neighborhoods may be over

‘A child shall lead them’

Demonstrations against gun violence should stir nation's conscience

Where have all the children gone?

Students are disappearing in western and central Mass.

Nixon legacy lives on through Trump

Both leaders pursued the ‘silent majority’

For marijuana law, now the ‘Grown-Up’s Hour’

State has long history of applying legislative fixes to ballot questions

Bridging the urban-rural divide in Mass.

Three suggestions for linking Boston and rest of state

Let’s boost transit-oriented development

Developing housing near transportation is a smart move for all

Boston’s presidential election numbers

Huge Clinton margins - but lower turnout - in minority precincts mirror her problems nationally

No transforming option for president

Voters face imperfect choices, including one far outside mainstream

A last look at Boston’s 2015 city election

The whys and hows of City Council exits and entrances

The downsides of Prop. 2½ and Community Preservation Act

Well-intentioned policies are exacerbating inequality in Massachusetts

The incredibly vanishing Boston voter

City residents turn out for presidential races, but have become increasingly scarce in municipal elections

Market signal: Roche Bros. arrival a welcome sign

Downtown Boston is morphing into a full-fledged city neighborhood

End downtown Boston’s busmageddon

Add reworking bus routes to the MBTA’s to-do list

Kid-free Boston

A sharp decline in children is dramatically reshaping the city

On Fairmount Line, opportunity knocks

Let’s get serious about transit-oriented development

Looking for the man or woman on a horse

Can the 2016 presidential race produce a transforming leader?

What’s the matter with Blackstone?

The steady move to the right of Worcester County’s small working-class towns

Are state campaign finance laws irrelevant?

It’s time to overhaul reporting, contribution laws

A tale of two cities

Boston mayoral vote shows big split based on education and income

No surge of ‘new’ voters

Boston follows its traditional municipal voting pattern in the preliminary election