Maurice Cunningham

Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston

Stories by Maurice Cunningham

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Closed-door legislating can be more harmful than outright graft

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Money for nothing

Campaign donations and the reciprocity principle

Set aside childish things?

Little sign of that in current debates

Welfare, booze, and slots

Last-ditch Baker campaign move drew on an ugly tradition

A strategy to believe in

In a political version of the bestselling book Moneyball, religion could be an underrated asset

Identity politics

In the race for governor, candidates draw on

long-established traditions in Bay State politics

In defense of elites

Our political leaders should embrace elitism, not run from it.

Tea partying for fun and profit

The gathering on the Common featured a call to battle – and to shop

No holy alliance

How the fissure between Catholics and Democrats hurts what used to be the party of the pews