Shawn Zeller

Washington Correspondent

Stories by Shawn Zeller

Is it possible Elizabeth Warren is becoming more bipartisan?

New research says yes, based on the bills she files, cosponsors

Clark seems like she’s in a good spot

Her stock will rise if Dems retake House, and maybe even if they don’t

Trump in charge of Warren’s baby

Senator now on outside looking in at CFPB

All quiet for Baker on the DC front 

Democrats in congressional delegation give him high marks

Clark takes on Purdue’s opioid marketing 

Says pharmaceutical company’s ‘greed and recklessness’ spawned crisis

Steve Lynch’s balancing act

Is the lunch-bucket Democrat out of step with his own party?

What can the Mass. delegation do?

With the GOP in charge, the short answer is, not a lot.

Can Elizabeth Warren legislate?

If Dems do well, she’ll have to put policy ahead of politics

Slow, steady on military sex assaults

Tsongas having impact focusing on incremental change

MA congressional delegation itching for change

Most want to end seniority; some want to dump Pelosi

Waiting his turn

Richie Neal, a centrist Democrat from Massachusetts and a master of the inside, bides his time at Ways and Means

The politics of patents

Washington infighting centers on trolls and risk

A rookie on Pelosi’s team

Clark is raising money for Democrats and most (but not all) of the time blasting the GOP

Kennedy fights federal data breach law

Says proposal not as strong as many states' regulations

Markey’s strategy in Washington

Keep pressure on president and hope for the best

Advantage Democrats

Despite recent GOP gains, Democrats have advantage in retaining the White House in 2016.

Guest workers

Comprehensive immigration reform is a long-shot, but a Republican takeover of the Senate could mean more visas for Massachusetts.

Do Not Call

The list is leaking like a sieve, and Massachusetts residents are among those complaining the loudest

The guiding hand

Though largely unknown outside the world of politics, Mindy Myers has helped three current New England senators win office.

Leading the fight against e-cigarettes

For Susan Liss, the former top lobbyist for Massachusetts in the capital, the battle is personal

What Markey needs to do

Analysts say the senator needs to focus on potholes and getting better known

The chained CPI

Few in Mass. delegation see eye to eye with Obama

Capitol turnover

When it comes to congressional clout, seniority isn’t what it used to be

Waiver warfare

Obama administration offers states waivers from education and welfare law, but Republicans raise alarms

Political repurposing

The White House Middle Class Task Force was set up to shape policy, but now its work is part of election-year politics

An outside-the-Beltway strategy

Northampton-based Free Press has become a force in Washington by stoking public uprisings and refusing to compromise

A way out of gridlock

A group of think tank scholars from across the political spectrum are finding common ground on the American Dream

Liquor battle brewing

With Massachusetts law on wine shipments overturned, Congress struggles with who should regulate alcohol distribution