Wynn statement on meeting with Walsh

 The following statement was issued by Michael Weaver, senior vice president for marketing and communications at Wynn.

In addition to our current $35.9 million commitment to Sullivan Square pre- and post-opening mitigation, Wynn has repeatedly offered its full partnership to the City of Boston to obtain a portion of the Wynn-generated tax funds dedicated to Transportation &  Infrastructure Development and Community Mitigation.  Wynn will generate $43.2 million annually for the life of the project for these two funds; more than enough to cover the City’s estimated $150 million estimate.  Thus far, our offer to the City has been refused.

Meet the Author

Michael Weaver

senior vice president of marketing and communications, Wynn Enterprises
Wynn has met with the Boston Transportation Department seven times, and most recently with Mayor Walsh present.   The primary topic of those meetings was to work with BTD on the details of pre-opening improvements to Sullivan Square that mitigates any additional traffic.  Obviously, BTD was fully engaged in the process:  they requested changes to the pre-opening plan, which we agreed to, causing the budget to increase from $6 million to $10.9 million.

We have a fully-funded Sullivan Square mitigation plan that we want to complete pre-opening, which was created in partnership with the BTD.   We have made it clear to the City of Boston, both in person and in writing, that Wynn Everett is available any to meet anytime with the City to move both the pre-opening improvements and long-term redevelopment of Sullivan Square forward.  This is a time for meaningful, solution-oriented discussion, not political grandstanding.   A new Sullivan Square, a cleaner Mystic River and thousands of jobs depend on the City agreeing to work cooperatively with us.