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Going nuclear

In the arcane rules of the US Senate, the nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the body to override a rule or precedent by a majority vote. In simple terms, it typically takes 60 votes to confirm a nominee for the Supreme Court. With the nuclear option, it would only take 51. Democrats(...)

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Immigration debate heats up in Mass.

The immigration debate raging around the country is taking root in Massachusetts with the vitriol and accusations from both sides feeding a frenzy that we’re being overrun both by illegal immigrants and federal enforcement officers rounding up the unwanted masses. The debate, for the longest time, was confined to border states and, with the exception of(...)

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Drug deja vu

It’s not easy being a health insurer these days, particularly when pharmaceutical companies come along with wonder drugs that cost a fortune. Insurers are all about working the odds. They collect premiums from a large group of people and count on the fact that most of their customers won’t use much health care and their(...)

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