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The Codcast: Devin McCourty tackles criminal justice reform

When New England Patriots co-captain Devin McCourty joined the protests first set off by Colin Kaepernick and “took a knee” during the National Anthem last season, he was making a statement about racial justice issues in the country and the treatment of blacks by law enforcement officials. President Trump quickly “hijacked” the issue, McCourty says(...)

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Gag rule impacts Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, we view abortion rights as settled law, though acknowledging that there are still pockets of deep opposition. The debate over abortion rights rarely rises to an issue in federal or local races here because state law is so firm on a woman’s right to choose that a vocal opponent rarely has a chance(...)

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All bets are on

Way back in 2005, when casino gambling in Massachusetts was still just a twinkle in Bob DeLeo’s eye, Gary Loveman, the Harvard Business School prof-turned-casino-pitchman regaled the region’s business bigs at a downtown luncheon of the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club. Loveman, then the chief executive of Harrah’s Entertainment, talked with the unbridled confidence of(...)

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