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The Globe’s Dear Jeff letter

The Boston Globe published what it called a “newsroom commentary” on Sunday that borrowed the theme of John F. Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address. Instead of asking what Boston can do to convince Amazon to open its second headquarters here, the commentary laid out what Amazon can do for Boston. The headline for the whole package(...)

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Eminent domain dust-ups

Brookline says it needs a new elementary school to accommodate its bulging population of school-age children. Waltham says it needs a new high school. Both seem like perfectly worthy pursuits. But both cases are casting a harsh spotlight on a government right enshrined in the Constitution, but one that frequently stirs disention and protest. In(...)

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Telling Amazon a good story

The countdown clock is ticking for delivery of proposals to host a second Amazon headquarters.The plans are due two weeks from today, and there is wide agreement that Boston is a serious contender. At stake is the prospect of landing some 50,000 jobs and 8 million square feet of development to house them as the(...)

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