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Get ready to cheer for the Woosox

Worcester, a Gateway City on its way up, appears poised to spend some of its hard-won capital to land the Red Sox triple-A affiliate, which will be nicknamed the Woosox. Team and city officials aren’t saying anything, but they have scheduled a press conference for Friday afternoon at City Hall to announce the deal. Worcester(...)

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The gloves are off in Secretary of State race

Galvin, Zakim go toe-to-toe on voter registration and dark money

The Democratic primary race for the normally staid office of Secretary of State is turning into one of the most bruising battles of the season. About the only thing missing in the one and only televised debate between incumbent William Galvin and challenger Josh Zakim was headgear and eight-ounce gloves. The debate on Greater Boston,(...)

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Berkshire County power politics

The race for district attorney in Berkshire County is shaping up to be a primer on what’s wrong with elections in Massachusetts. The first sign came in March, when then-District Attorney David Capeless announced he was stepping down after 14 years in office and turning the reins over to his assistant, Paul Caccaviello. Capeless admitted(...)

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Freeze criticism of ICE?

A Cambridge resident was arrested Thursday morning in New York City for allegedly tweeting that he would pay $500 to anyone who killed an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Today’s Boston Herald goes all in on the story, putting it on its front-page and featuring a newspaper editorial and column by Joe Battenfeld on the(...)

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Opioids’ path of destruction in construction

Differences in health patterns among different population groups is a well-established fact. Indeed, it forms the foundation for an entire field of health research, epidemiology, which has contributed enormously to our understanding of the causes of disease. But a new report from the state Department of Public Health documenting the astonishingly high rate of opioid(...)

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