Carvalho drops bid for Senate to make DA run

Decision makes Rep. Collins frontrunner for Forry’s seat

What follows is Rep. Evandro Carvalho’s statement on running for Suffolk County district attorney.

EARLIER THIS MONTH, I launched my campaign for State Senate, eager to serve the people of Dorchester, Mattapan, South Boston, and Hyde Park. When my friend Linda Dorcena Forry resigned as State Senator for the 1st Suffolk District, I felt compelled to enter the special election to succeed her. Serving as a voice for my neighbors in Dorchester and Roxbury for the last four years as state representative has been the greatest honor and challenge of my life, and I was looking forward to continuing to serve our community in the Senate.

After conversations with my wife Ashley, staff, and supporters, and serious reflection, I have decided that the best way for me to serve our community is to run for the open Suffolk County district attorney seat. This was a difficult decision, but one I know in my core is right for the people of Boston and Suffolk County. As a former assistant district attorney and current state representative, I have the experience and passion to serve the people of Suffolk County as the next district attorney.

State Rep. Evandro Carvalho

I am running for district attorney because too many families in our community live in fear in the shadows of gun violence, because too many young people – black and Latino men in particular – are robbed of their future because of mass incarceration, and because too many people with addiction and mental health illness are in prison without adequate treatment. I am committed to making the office more equitable, transparent, and accountable to the people, and to serving as a progressive leader who will be a voice for victims seeking justice and communities trying to heal.

There is no elected office that has a greater impact on the lives of families of color and the general welfare of our communities than the district attorney’s. We need a district attorney who understands the difference between a young man who needs a second chance and a violent criminal who needs to go to prison. We need a district attorney who is from this community with a record of service to the community. I will be that district attorney.

We have made significant advances as I have led the fight in the legislature to reform our criminal justice system. I am the lead sponsor of legislation to repeal mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, to raise the age of criminal responsibility, and allow for the expungement of juvenile records. I have been a strong advocate for victims and survivors of homicide, including pushing for policies to help homicide survivors bury their loved ones.

I know that I can best serve the people of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop as the next district attorney, and I know the time to serve is now.

I will organize the largest grassroots person-to-person campaign ever seen in a district attorney’s race with the goal of engaging tens of thousands of voters in conversations about their vision for our criminal justice system. I look forward to engaging with the people of Suffolk County in the coming months.

Meet the Author

Evandro Carvalho

State representative and candidate for Suffolk County district attorney, Massachusetts House
[The only other announced candidate for Suffolk Country district attorney is Shannon McAuliffe. Other officials are considering a run]

Evandro Carvalho is a state representative from Boston.