Morse changes mind on casinos — again

Holyoke mayor flips back to “no” on casinos

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, who just over two weeks announced a stunning reversal of his strong anti-casino stand and said he would consider gambling  proposals for his city, reversed course yet again, announcing that he is abandoning any consideration of a casino in Holyoke. The 22-year-old mayor authored this strong anti-casino commentary piece in the current issue of CommonWealth, which was released in October. Weeks later, he announced in this statement that he would consider a casino after all. Below is the statement Morse released today reversing that decision.

Late last month, I announced a change in my strategy to address the reality of a casino coming to our region. Since that announcement, I have come to recognize the flaws of such strategy. It has become increasingly clear that pursuing this conversation will only be a distraction from my administration’s broader economic goals, and I regret not realizing this fact sooner.

Today, I am halting all consideration of casino development in the City of Holyoke, and the City will be returning the grants provided by both gaming proponents to review their projects. I have decided not to pursue a host agreement for a project of this type in the City of Holyoke. A casino may be coming to our area, but it will not be coming here.

I admit that the potential  benefits such as prime recreational opportunities available on and around  Mt. Tom and the possibility of revenue to be gained from a casino to be invested downtown piqued my interest- as did the reality that a casino down the road would have negative effects on Holyoke and other surrounding communities. But over the past weeks I have done a lot of listening: I have heard from colleagues; I have heard from friends; I have heard from leaders from other cities that faced similar circumstances; and, above all, I have heard from the citizens I serve. And I now realize that the allure of these short-term economic benefits are not worth a protracted exercise that would divert us and cause me to lose sight of the values that got me elected.

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Our City cannot afford to be diverted by this conversation. At a time when our community needs unity of purpose, a yearlong debate over locating a casino within our borders will only sow division and discord. In retrospect, I should have foreseen this sort of division, and I apologize for introducing it. Initiating this process was a mistake and I accept that responsibility.

Now, more than ever, I recognize how complicated the work of good governance can be. I have learned from this experience. Ultimately, I hope to build on this humbling moment and to become a better mayor as a result. We still have much work before us, and I am grateful that by listening, and with your support, I am now back on track.