Still on the job


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Today’s map, in a seasonal color, uses recent Census data to show where people are most likely to still be working past the traditional retirement age of 65. Seniors are most likely to be in the labor force (i.e., working or actively looking for work) in mostly rural Nebraska and South Dakota, along with the urban enclave of the District of Columbia. But participation is also high throughout the Farm Belt, as well as in Northeastern states that do not have large populations in the Rust Belt (that leaves out New York and Pennsylvania). In general, states with high workforce participation among older residents tend to have healthy and relatively well-educated populations, in addition to low unemployment rates overall.

For more Census data on workforce participation by age group, click here. For an Excel sheet of the data in the map, download /~/media/Files/Commonwealth Magazine/Import/Blogs/Beyond Red and Blue/Still on the job/Workforceparticipation2006.ashx