Madeloni critical of Sagan appointment

MTA chief wary of Baker’s pro-charter agenda

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER’S highly political appointment of Paul Sagan as the chair of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education underscores educators’ concerns about the Baker administration’s public education agenda.

Sagan’s key involvement in education stems from his role as chairman of the Massachusetts Business Leaders for Charter Public Schools, which has a record of favoring the privatization of public resources.

Sagan has been a leader of the campaign to lift the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts, and it is disturbing that someone with that view will hold such a prominent place in overseeing public education. Commonwealth charter school supporters advocate for the expansion of a two-tiered education system funded by public dollars, and they do not deserve such a platform.

The Legislature and educators across the state have resisted lifting the charter cap because they know that doing so would not promote fairness and would further impair community oversight of public schools.

Sagan will replace Margaret McKenna as the chair of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, and we want to thank McKenna for her service in that role. We appreciate the leadership that she has brought to the BESE during her tenure as chair. She has been willing to consider all sides of every issue, and she has worked hard to provide the schools all children deserve.

Meet the Author

Barbara Madeloni

Former president, Massachusetts Teachers Association
The board needs qualified educators, not venture capitalists, setting the course for public education in the Commonwealth.

Barbara Madeloni is president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.