Pharmacy school pays chief well

President makes more than Harvard, MIT heads

CHARLES MONAHAN JR. makes $1.3 million a year in total compensation, more than all but one of his presidential peers at other colleges in Greater Boston.

Monahan does not work at Harvard University, MIT, or one of the other big-name schools in the area. He’s president of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University, a Boston school serving 7,100 students.

Besides a pharmacy program, the school offers degrees in a variety of other disciplines including nursing, dental hygiene, and public health. Monahan, who has been president of the school for close to 20 years, holds an undergraduate degree from the college and ran a pharmacy before assuming the presidency.

Through his spokesman, Monahan declined requests for an interview.

Instead, the school’s Board of Trustees, which is made up of mostly pharmacists, issued a statement saying, “It is the trustees’ judgment that the president’s compensation is commensurate with his skilled leadership and the resultant significant achievements of the university and will provide the necessary incentives to retain him in that position.”

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According to the school’s 2015 tax filing, the latest available, Monahan earned $1.3 million in salary, benefits, and related compensation. That amount is $152,000 more than Harvard pays its president, $162,000 more than Northeastern University pays its leader, and $387,000 more than MIT pays its president.

Only the president of Boston University, Robert Brown, earned more than Monahan; he makes $153,000 more.