More natural gas not answer to climate change

Short-term answer is energy efficiency, insulation

AS MOTHERS AND CAREGIVERS, we are appalled that the executive director of the New England Petroleum Council, Stephen Dodge, characterizes concerned citizens as “environmental extremists” in his Commonwealth magazine opinion piece entitled “The Terrible Price of Inaction.”

This narrative continues the petroleum industry’s long-term refusal to acknowledge the facts of climate disruption, the same disruption that increases unnatural weather events like this week’s extreme cold temperatures and last summer’s record heat.

Dodge claims the answer to extreme cold weather is to pipe in more natural gas. We strongly disagree, and we appreciate Greg Cunningham’s excellent response,“More pipelines aren’t the answer.” Cunningham concisely summarizes the technical and economic reasons for reducing our use of natural gas and transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources. As mothers and grandmothers, we are deeply concerned that increased fossil fuel emissions will cause even more climate disruption and extreme weather events that will jeopardize our children’s future!

Meet the Author

Nancy Clark

Member, Mothers Out Front
We care deeply about the world our children will inherit, and we reject the status quo, where short-term profits for fossil fuel companies are prioritized over our children’s long-term well-being. We share Dodge’s appreciation for our quality of life in New England, our rich history, and our beautiful mountains and beaches – and we want to preserve them. More fossil fuel emissions will further increase the climate disruption that threatens our natural treasures – and, most important – our children and grandchildren.

The short-term answer to extreme weather is to improve energy efficiency and install better insulation in our homes. As Cunningham described, the ultimate challenge is to develop more renewable energy sources and storage technology, and many countries have already surpassed the United States in clean energy innovation. We need to take smart action toward a healthy clean energy future for our children.

Nancy Clark is a member of the group Mothers Out Front.