Osterville man says Cape Wind fight nearing end

Letter seeks funds to fight Nantucket Sound turbines

 Joe Keller, in a fundraising letter on behalf of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, predicts 2013 will be the beginning of the end for Cape Wind. The Osterville-based developer says the Alliance is working to block a $280 million federal loan guarantee Cape Wind is seeking and fighting in court to overturn federal approvals for the project. In a telephone interview, Keller said an “industrial plant in the middle of Nantucket Sound” is not his idea of the Cape Cod dream. He said he is not a NIMBY, but thinks Nantucket Sound is “a horrible place” for 130 turbines. “Put them in places that are already ugly,” he said, mentioning capped landfills as a possibility.  Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for Cape Wind, said Keller’s concerns are misplaced. “I think Mr. Keller will find he doesn’t have to worry. He’s still going to enjoy golfing on the Cape and boating on Nantucket Sound,” he said.  What follows is a copy of Keller’s March 21 fundraising letter.

Ten years ago, I told my wife, Devonia, that if Cape Wind gets built, it signals the end of the dream of Cape Cod living which originally brought us here. We feel very strongly that, although alternative energy is hugely important, this is the wrong place for it! When we stand on the tee of hole 15 at Hyannisport or pull out of Osterville Harbor on a beautiful day, the last vision we will want to see and hear are 130 turbine towers.

Meet the Author
Like the Superbowl, the fight against Cape Wind is late in the fourth quarter and we are closing in on the goal line, driving for the win.  As supporters of Nantucket Sound, we cannot afford to be passive and let victory slip away. We must stay engaged, be aggressive, and play to win. The future of Nantucket Sound depends on it.

We are in the best position ever to win, with extremely strong legal cases developed over the past 10 years of this fight. 2013 is the beginning of the end for Cape Wind, but only with our continued collective support. To that end, I have pledged $20,000 to the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound toward its $2.5 million budget for 2013. Your support is needed now more than ever.

If Cape Wind is allowed to go forward, it would have a devastating impact on Osterville and the surrounding area. It would negatively affect our quality of life as well as our real estate values. Please help preserve our community and join me in support of this important cause. Nothing will be gained for us – but much will be destroyed.