NBC: Mass. health care reform aided by light touch of Legislature

NBC has declared the Bay State's health care reform law a success, mainly because the Legislature didn't micro-manage it. Chief science correspondent Robert Bazell explains in an online column that accompanies a two-part video report:

In my opinion, the main reason the Massachusetts experiment has succeeded as well as it has is that the Governor and the legislature hammered out the broad outline of the plan and its budget and then left the details to a board called the “Connector”. The 10-member board has representatives from government, business, labor unions, insurance and other interests. Its job is to wade through the swamp of complicated decisions that are necessary to make the program function. If the Massachusetts government had tried to write every contingency into law, the plan would have failed.

Bazell says it wouldn't be a bad idea for Washington to follow our lead.

Hat tip: Health Care for All's A Healthy Blog.