Baker blames Washington, not DeSantis

Says Congress needs to fix ‘screwed up’ immigration system

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER on Sunday did not criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida for flying immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard last week. Instead, he blamed Democrats and Republicans in Washington for failing to pass comprehensive legislation to address the nation’s “screwed up” immigration system.

“It’s not a secret to anyone that our immigration system is broken, and it’s not a secret that the border is also broken because our immigration system is broken,” Baker said. “The states can’t fix it. So any conversation with any governor doesn’t really get me anywhere.”

Baker indicated the way in which the immigrants were brought to Massachusetts was wrong. “Obviously, sending people all over the country, many of whom have no idea where they are being sent or where they are going, isn’t a solution to the very screwed up immigration system we have in the US,” he said.

Baker said immigrants are constantly coming to Massachusetts and the state and nonprofit agencies do their best to help them. He said he is not worried about that system being overwhelmed.

“We have a pretty significant community of players in this space,” he said. “What really needs to happen is Washington needs to do its job.”