‘A low point for Republicans in Mass.’

Two Republicans trying to straddle the deep ideological divide in the Massachusetts GOP say the bitter fight that culminated in last week’s state committee election was all about gaining control of the party’s resources.

On the CommonWealth Codcast, Amy Carnevale, who was reelected to the state committee last week, and Anthony Amore, the GOP nominee for secretary of state in 2018, tried to sort out an election that Carnevale described as “a low point for Republicans in Massachusetts.”

Carnevale said the fight for 80 state committee posts was mostly about money. “The Mass. Republican Party controls the party resources, which are really important for any candidate for governor or statewide office. So I think that’s why the stakes were so high,” she said.

The state committee election was negative and nasty, with direct mailings and robocalls that smeared the opposing sides. Many of the attacks were anonymous because party races are not covered by Massachusetts campaign finance regulations, which require disclosure of how much was spent and by whom. Officials results have not been announced yet, but it appears the more conservative elements of the party who rallied around GOP chairman Jim Lyons prevailed.