Holmes, Idowu outline reform steps

IN THE WAKE OF George Floyd’s death, Rep. Russell Holmes of Boston and Segun Idowu of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts talked on the Codcast about practical steps that can be taken to address racial inequities and police misconduct.

Holmes said the focus should be on equity. “Equity means that there are folks who have been left behind, and it does mean that you have to actually give more resources to some folks than you do to others,” Holmes said.

Idowu said racial inequities have been amplified by the coronavirus. “COVID is impacting our communities way more than it is other communities, not just in the health area, with the rates of infection and the rates of death, but also the economic conditions, the fact that we are considered essential workers but don’t have access to adequate health care. Or the fact that, you know, access to unemployment [insurance], to be able to pay bills.”