Markey-Kennedy race in the homestretch

Nearly everyone agrees that when Joe Kennedy launched his primary challenge nearly a year  ago to Sen. Ed Markey, the son of the state’s most storied political family looked like a good bet to oust the veteran Malden pol. 

A lot can change in a year, and it has. 

With the primary a week away, it seems clear that Markey has erased any advantage gap Kennedy enjoyed, with at least one recent poll showing him pulling away. Joyce Ferriabough Bolling, a veteran Roxbury political strategist, and Stephanie Murray of Politico sized up where things stand on the Codcast’s final pre-primary look at the race. 

Ferriabough Bolling said she’s surprised Kennedy didn’t embrace earlier in the race his family name, which she said remains “legendary” to Massachusetts voters. “I know people have been saying, well, not for this generation,” she said. “I don’t believe that.”