Menino goes to rehab; diagnosed with diabetes

Doctor says Boston mayor will rebound


NEWLY DIAGNOSED WITH diabetes, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has been transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital following a month-long stay at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he was treated for a variety of ailments, his doctor announced Monday.

Dr. Charles Morris, who held a press conference at Brigham and Women’s, also said Menino has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Following a trip to Italy, Menino was initially hospitalized Oct. 26 with a viral infection. Doctors then discovered a blood clot in his lung.

During his hospitalization, he developed lower back pain due to a compressed backbone in his lower spine. Worsening pain led doctors to discover an infection in his lower back. The infection arose with what Morris described as “complicating factors.”

“One is some of the medications he has taken for his Crohn’s Disease,” Morris said. “The other was an appreciation while he was here of some elevated blood sugars which has led to an appreciation of early diabetes for which the mayor and his care team are focused and working towards and dealing with. On therapy for all of these issues, he’s done very, very well.”

Morris described the pain in Menino’s back as “much better” and Menino’s overall health as “very good.”

“It is a run of bad luck and it’s nothing that concerns me. He will rebound from this,” Morris said.

Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce said Menino is focused on both his health and city business.

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“He feels himself improving so that’s good news,” Joyce said.

Morris said Menino has lost some weight, is able to walk, and will likely focus in rehab on regaining his strength after receiving numerous therapies.

The doctor said he does not view the mayor’s medical issues as an obstacle to Menino’s political future. The mayor is serving his fifth term and has not announced whether he will seek another term in 2013.