Split on Greenway, not on South Station

More answers from Boston mayoral candidates

This is the fourth article in a series showcasing the answers of 10 of the 12 Boston mayoral candidates to questions posed at forums in June and July hosted by CommonWealth, the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, A Better City, and the Chiofaro Cos.

The answers below came from lightning round questions, where candidates were limited to one or two-word responses. The candidates were split on whether the city should provide direct funding to the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, which currently receives the bulk of its money from the state and private donations. Four candidates said the city should provide direct funding, two said they’d consider it, two said the Greenway is the state’s responsibility, and two hedged a bit. All of the candidates were in agreement that the South Boston Postal Annex should be relocated to allow expansion of the rail terminal.

Would you contribute city money to help the Rose Kennedy Greenway be successful?

City Councilor Felix Arroyo: “Yes”

John Barros: “Push the state.”

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley: “I’ll consider it.”

City Councilor John Connolly: “No, the state needs to do its job. I’ll get the Conservancy at the table as well. They’ve done a great job but the state has to follow through on their obligations for a state park.”

City Councilor Rob Consalvo: “I’ll consider it. We need public-private partnerships to make it happen.”

Charlotte Richie: “I’d rather not”

Councilor Mike Ross: “We’re already doing it with our Boston Police Department, patrolling it.”

Bill Walczak: “Yes”

Rep. Martin Walsh: “The city has to put some money into that.”

City Councilor Charles Yancey: “Yes, we should contribute some.”

Would you expedite the relocation of the South Boston postal annex to allow for South Station expansion?

City Councilor Felix Arroyo: “Yes”

John Barros: “Yes”

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley: “Yes”

City Councilor John Connolly: “Yes”

City Councilor Rob Consalvo: “Yes”

Charlotte Richie: “Yeah”

Councilor Mike Ross: “Yes”

Bill Walczak: “Absolutely, yes.”

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Rep. Martin Walsh: “Absolutely, I’d make it a priority.”

City Councilor Charles Yancey: “Yes, it’s a great economic development opportunity.”