Big day for bake sales in the southwest suburbs

More field reports from MassINC staffers:

7:03, Greenlodge School, Dedham, precincts 5 & 7.

Approximately 275 people lined up when the door opens. Mood is electric.

Greenlodge PTO has already sold two boxes of donuts and is working on the second 50-cup pot of coffee. Big money today.

And in a neighboring community:

8:20. Precinct F, Needham. Stephen Palmer Senior Center, Pickering Ave. After waiting several minutes for a parking spot, I joined the line behind a mother whose three young children kept chanting "O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA!" The woman was embarrassed but the line laughed and it was clear the seniors manning the bake sale and craft table got a big kick out it! No dogs.