Clinton vs. Obama, ward by ward

Matt O’Malley has a great rundown on how Boston’s 22 wards voted in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary. (It’s also on Blue Mass Group.) With most election analysis centered on county-by-county returns, this is a good reminder that there’s a lot of variation within large American cities. One key finding:

Ward 5 (Beacon Hill/Back Bay)
Obama, 3724 votes
Clinton, 2786

Affluent Ward 5 was a place where Obama needed to do well. He did.

Obama may have done well enough in Ward 5 to carry Boston, but he clearly needed to do a lot better there in order to carry the state. (Similarly, he narrowly carried the city of Newton but needed a big margin in that epitome of suburban liberalism.) Looking ahead, it seems that Obama needs to carry the more affluent neighborhoods and suburbs of Philadelphia by at least 2 to 1 in order to win the Pennsylvania primary, and that’s a tall order.