Completely unsubstantiated VP speculation

There’s chatter about Clinton and Obama (presented here in alphabetical order) forming a unity ticket to bring this interminable Democratic primary campaign to a close, the problem being that both want to be on top. But what if one or both candidates named other running mates before the Pennsylvania primary? Could either one break through their demographic boxes in the remaining primaries with the right running mate?

Perhaps Clinton could get the youth vote and black vote in Pennsylvania if she named Newark Mayor Cory Booker as her vice president. Or Obama could win among white women if he picked Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. (Or, more outrageously, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe — a moderate Republican with foreign-policy credentials.) Of course, the more cynical route would be for one of them to pick a Pennsylvania pol, most likely Senator Bob Casey.

I also wonder if the superdelegates or party leaders are longing to pick a compromise candidate for president. The trouble is, they can’t pick some white guy to negate the historic choice between the first female nominee and the first black nominee. The only one acceptable to supporters of both candidates would be, of course, Al Gore.