Conflict of interest: Where you stand depends on where your state legislature sits

The National Conference of State Legislatures features a good daily round-up of news from the state capitals, and today there are two good pieces about conflicts of interest among state lawmakers who have "day jobs." Jessica Fender writes about Colorado in the Denver Post:

Pretend you’re bar-manager-turned- state Rep. Paul Weissmann, and the House is considering a bill to boost the price of restaurant licenses. Do you vote?

Just to make sure nobody thinks he’s voting in his own interest, the real Weissmann says he abstains.

But attitudes seem more relaxed in Kentucky, according to the Herald-Leader’s John Cheves:

Democratic Sen. David Boswell, who annually crusades for legalized casino gambling in Kentucky, is also citizen David Boswell, sales manager and registered Frankfort lobbyist for the Owensboro Executive Inn, which wants to open a casino on its premises. Boswell said he would have pushed for casinos regardless of who pays his salary. But he added that a casino would help the hotel, and what’s good for his employer is also good for his Senate district.