Elaboration, please: Sexist attacks on Hillary

The Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi has a typically clear-eyed column on the refusal by many of Hillary Clinton’s female supporters to concede the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. But one paragraph warrants elaboration:

The final book on the 2008 presidential campaign will record a great deal of gender bias. The Hillary Nutcracker, a product whose name says it all, is one example. The emphasis on Clinton’s cackle and depictions of her as a witch are others. Dean and other top Democrats did nothing to discourage blatant sexist attacks, and, for that, they are paying a price with Clinton’s female supporters. [Italics added]

There has certainly been sexism in the media’s coverage of the Clinton campaign, but have "blatant sexist attacks" come from within the Democratic Party? It would be nice to have an example. What attacks did Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean fail to prevent or repudiate?