Globe’s dominating presence at the GOP convention

By Jack Sullivan

If the GOP state convention in Worcester over the weekend is any indication, the Globe is still the paper of record for all things local, especially when it comes to politics. The paper launched all ships Saturday in sending five reporters; three columnists, two from Op-Ed and one from the Metro section; at least two editors including the editorial page editor; a photographer; and, to make sure the whole operation ran smoothly, an IT person. All this for what, in essence, was a coronation of Charlie Baker at an event that offered little in the way of drama or suspense.

Compare that to the Boston Herald, the paper generally thought to be favored by the Republican rank and file and Tea Party members, many of whom trekked to central Massachusetts for the party. One State House reporter, one columnist and one photographer made up the tabloid’s contingent at the DCU Center. Far from the halcyon days of the entire State House team, a couple columnists, an army of cameras and the Inside Track thrown in for good measure.

One can argue that political conventions offer little in the way of news and are generally just a way for parties to present the scripted message they want heard and, with newsrooms budgets as tight as they are these days, why waste the money on what is basically a campaign informercial. And it’s an acceptable argument to make.

But on the other hand, too many times news consumers decry what they see as selective reporting of news and events even in the face of 24/7 television, Internet and print coverage. Though conservatives may see the Globe as evil incarnate, most of them were forced to turn to the Globe to find complete coverage.

Jack Sullivan is the senior investigative reporter at CommonWealth magazine