Hillary Rodham Gore?

A few days ago I wondered whether Hillary Clinton could replicate the geographical pattern that gave Al Gore a narrow margin over Bill Bradley in the New Hampshire primary eight years ago. Turns out the answer was "yes," as the maps below indicate. Gore won in 2000 by 6,395 votes; with a larger turnout, Clinton upped that figure to 7,667. Her largest margins among individual cities and towns were in Manchester, Nashua, Salem, Rochester, and Berlin, all carried by Gore in 2000. In Manchester, the state’s biggest city, her margin of 3,110 was almost identical to Gore’s margin of 3,151. But Nashua gave her an extra boost: a margin of 2,116, up from 1,047. Obama’s biggest margins were in Hanover, Keene, Durham, Concord, and Portsmouth. Eight years ago, Bradley carried only the two college towns (Hanover and Durham) in this group, so Obama certainly made progress outside of the establishment-Democrat base in southeastern New Hampshire. But Clinton had even better luck in getting more votes out of the communities that put Gore over the top, so she took first place.

2008nhprimaryd_2  2000nhprimaryd