Kennedy: Not sure this is a moment for waiting

Congressman confirms potential challenge to Sen. Markey

Editor’s note: Congressman Joe Kennedy made the following statement on Monday on his Facebook page:

OVER THE PAST few weeks I’ve begun to consider a run for the US Senate. This isn’t a decision I’m approaching lightly and — to be completely candid — I wasn’t expecting to share my thoughts so soon. Family is my first consideration with any big decision like this. Lauren and I have two little kids under the age of four. We’re incredibly lucky to have the support and resources that we do, but like every young family, we struggle daily to balance it all. So we have been taking the time to talk through what an endeavor like this would mean for us, and for Ellie and James, in particular.

But I’m happy to put this on the table for you now. I haven’t reached a decision yet — that’s the truth. I’m thinking about what I have to offer Massachusetts voters, what is most important in this political moment, and what kind of party Democrats need to be building for the future.

I hear the folks who say I should wait my turn, but with due respect — I’m not sure this is a moment for waiting. Our system has been letting down a lot of people for a long time, and we can’t fix it if we don’t challenge it. I’ve got some ideas on how to do that. And I don’t think our democratic process promises anyone a turn. What it does promise is the chance for anyone to earn it — if we think we have something to offer and are willing to put ourselves and our ideas out there.

I am humbled by the words and actions of so many people supporting my potential candidacy. It means the world. I plan to spend the next couple weeks talking to as many of you as I can, trying to figure out if this campaign is right for me and right for Massachusetts.

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