Kennedy votes for Clinton, Clinton votes for Obama

More detailed numbers to follow, but I’ve been tracking how the Democratic candidates are doing in counties that were carried by certain other Democratic candidates in past primaries. Despite Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama, so far Hillary Clinton is ahead 54-43 among counties that voted for Kennedy in 1980 — including Los Angeles, CA (55% for Clinton), Queens, NY (60%), and Norfolk, MA (59%).

Meanwhile, Obama is ahead 46-44 among counties that voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 (in primaries held before Paul Tsongas formally ended his campaign). These include Chicago’s Cook County, IL (69% for Obama), DeKalb, GA (76%), and Hartford, CT (52%). Hillary Clinton is ahead, 52-42, in the much smaller number of counties carried by Tsongas — including Middlesex, MA (54%), and Palm Beach, FL (60%).

I guess the main point of all this is how difficult it is to put the Clinton/Obama race into any framework that resembles past Democratic primary fights. Obama doesn’t seem to automatically get all of Tsongas’s Volvo-and-brie votes (and he’s also behind in the counties that went for "change" candidate Gary Hart in 1984), and Hillary Clinton can’t simply follow Bill’s 1992 victory as a blueprint.