Markey, McGovern being pushed for Obama cabinet?

Gov. Deval Patrick insists he's staying put and is not interested in a Washington post, and John Kerry is turning to his new role as incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after being passed over for Secretary of State. But that evidently doesn't mean there are no Bay State bigwigs in the running for jobs in the Obama cabinet. According to today's New York Times, liberals, who have been underwhelmed by the top-tier Obama appointments made so far, are pushing for champions of their causes to be tapped for some of the remaining cabinet picks. Among those they are reportedly touting: Massachusetts Rep. Edward Markey for energy secretary and Rep. James McGovern for agriculture secretary.

Markey has long been interested in energy issues, and he chairs the recently formed Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. McGovern didn't cultivate much of a farming background on the streets of Worcester, the city where he was born and now lives with his wife and two children. But he has had a big interest in food and hunger issues, both at home and abroad.