Mitt McCain?

Massachusetts voters may get a sense of deja vu from John McCain’s latest argument against putting Barack Obama in the White House. As reported by Ben Smith on Politico, yesterday McCain said the following in a speech in Cleveland:

This election comes down to how you want your hard earned money spent. Do you want to keep it and invest it in your future, or have it taken by the most liberal person to ever run for the Presidency and the Democratic leaders who have been running congress for the past two years — Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? This is a dangerous threesome.

Triangular terrors have also been a favorite rhetorical device for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. The New York Observer ‘s Steve Kornacki reported the following in May 2007, when Romney was running for president:

Late in last night’s debate, Mr. Romney fielded an odd question from moderator Chris Matthews about whether it would be good to have Bill Clinton back in the White House and turned it into a red-meat attack on some of the right’s favorite Democratic villains.

“The only thing worse than that I can think of,” the former one-term Massachusetts Governor remarked, “would be to have the gang of three running the war in Iraq — Pelosi, Reid and Hillary Clinton.”

And long before that, Romney was seeing threes when he ran for governor in 2002. From a WCVB online story:

Romney said that giving [Shannon] O’Brien control of the corner office would give the Democrats a stranglehold on Beacon Hill. The Republican candidate said that would be disastrous for the state and for business.

"If you had a gang of three running things on Beacon Hill — raising taxes with impunity, extending patronage — you’re going to watch employers run for the border," Romney said.

Does this mean that Bill Clinton’s famed strategy of triangulation is out of style?