Old-school ways

Yesterday’s State House buzz centered on state Rep. David Flynn, the senior member of the House, who told reporters that five members have raised with him the idea that he serve as interim speaker should House Speaker Sal DiMasi be forced from power by ethics investigations looking into a lucrative state contract awarded to software company. Flynn, a Bridgewater Democrat who first entered the House in 1965, is often described as a throwback to an earlier era. Nowhere was that clearer than in the description of the 75-year-old lawmaker’s attempts on Thursday to assure DiMasi that he still supports the speaker. Flynn told the Boston Globe that he was unable to arrange a meeting with DiMasi, so he decided to go all techno, circa 1985. "Flynn said yesterday that he sent DiMasi a message by fax saying that he still supported the speaker," the paper reports. Maybe DiMasi will send a reply via carrier pigeon.