Poll indicates 25% of Mass. residents are moving or thinking about it

Other polls have found similar results

NEARLY A QUARTER of Massachusetts voters surveyed in a recent poll said they are considering or have made plans to leave the state to reside elsewhere.

The poll, commissioned by the conservative Fiscal Alliance Foundation, indicated 24.5 percent of the 750 likely voters surveyed from June 1-5 were either thinking about leaving or planned to leave the state.

The respondents gave a variety of reasons for their desire to leave the state, but the primary ones were high taxes, the high cost of living, and the political climate puts parties’ interest ahead of voters.

Paul Craney of the Fiscal Alliance Foundation said the question was taken from a poll conducted by John Stogby Strategies in New York that found 39 percent of those surveyed were either leaving New York or thinking about it.

A national survey in September 2020 found 14.2 percent of residents had moved or were considering a move due to recent events, which at the time included new work-from-home policies, COVID-19 restrictions, and political unrest.

In that national survey, Massachusetts ranked fifth highest, with 19.3 percent of residents either moving or considering moving. The top four were Oregon, Florida, Illinois, and California.

Another national survey in July 2021 found 17 percent had made a move and 19 percent were either considering one or planning one. Residents of norheastern states were the most likely to move.

The poll for the Fiscal Alliance Foundation was conducted by Jim Eltringham of Virginia-based Advantage Inc.