Primary results for Clinton! (Bill, that is)

Expect a lot more data from past presidential primaries as we get closer to Iowa and New Hampshire, but here is a relatively simple map. It shows where Bill Clinton got a majority of the vote in 1992 against Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas, and other contenders for the Democratic nomination. This isn’t a totally level playing field, since Tsongas dropped out of the race before major primaries including California, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. But it is safe to say that he did best in the South and ran strongly in both rural areas and inner cities. The suburbs were shakier for him; he fell short of 50 percent in affluent and better-educated areas near Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Detroit, among other major cities. (NOTE: Because county-by-county data is hard to find or nonexistent for caucus states, I used statewide totals to color all counties within. Clinton got a majority of the vote in two caucus states, Hawaii and Virginia. He fell short in the others, including Alaska.)

Here is the "cleaner" version of the map:


  Here is the same map with county lines; click on it for a larger view.