Radio silence

We’re now in the zone between public opinion surveys and hard numbers for today’s presidential primaries. The first results should come from Georgia, which stops voting at 7 p.m. In the meantime, expect a lot of anecdotal reports about stunningly long lines at the polls. Take these with a grain of salt; in any election, there are hot spots of high voter turnout, which may or may not say anything about turnout overall.

I do have one prediction: If either party effectively settles on a nominee today, the people in states that haven’t voted yet are going to be pretty angry. Yes, states have been left out of the process in every election since primaries became important, but we’ve never come this close to a de facto national primary. People who discover they can’t vote, either because of late primaries or because of rules limiting participation in primaries or caucuses, may not stand for our patchwork system next time.