Rivera to LePage: Your comments help no one

Criticizes governor's 'radical Republican' political agenda

The following is a response from Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera to Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s comments about where the opioids causing problems in Maine are coming from.

PAUL LEPAGE, the governor of Maine, is clearly at a loss on how to fix his state’s drug problem. Join the club. We are looking for solutions not scapegoats. During a crisis like this it is time for us to work together and not spend time posturing, politically pointing fingers and blaming people. This is a national problem not just a Maine problem or a Lawrence problem. It’s not a white, black or brown problem; it’s an American problem.

The governor would be better off finding a solution for the many people in his state that are in desperate need of detox beds, counseling, and treatment. His comments help no one.

You don’t hear us bemoaning the flood of guns bought in Maine with its weak gun laws. No, we discuss how we can fix our gun problem together. We don’t blame anyone. We find a joint solution.

His radical Republican national political agenda is at odds with this crisis. Government has to spend money to fix this social issue and we have to work together to solve it across borders. It’s not something Maine can fix on their own. The private sector will not fix it and individuals won’t be able to fix this on their own.

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The sad part is that our law enforcement officers, along with Massachusetts State Police, New Hampshire State Police, Vermont State Police, DEA, and other federal agencies work together regularly to fight the crisis from a drug interdiction perspective. But we will not arrest ourselves out of this crisis. Even if the governor wants to make bogey men out of people that look different than him.

Daniel Rivera is the mayor of Lawrence.