Sen. Clinton, Massachusetts has already voted

Hillaryflier_2 "Why is Barack Obama smiling?" I wondered. But I quickly realized that the 8-1/2 inch x 12 glossy in my mailbox wasn’t from the Illinois senator. It was a stinging indictment of the Democratic presidential contender’s Senate voting record, courtesy of this New York colleague.

Fair enough. But today’s question, sports fans, is: Why is Hillary Clinton spending her precious campaign dollars on mailings in a state that has already voted?

Sen Clinton, I’d love to weigh in on the upcoming Pennsylvania contest, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave that to Mom. Or has the Clinton campaign decided on the head-scratching tactic of targeting PA natives living in states that have already voted, who presumably are so enthused by Clinton’s candidacy that they’ll talk her up (and bad-mouth Obama) to friends and family back home? No, probably not.

Or wait, better yet, here’s a plan: Contact heaps o’ voters who have already cast their ballots. They’ll be so moved by the message, nay, by the outrageousness of it all, that they’ll contact loved ones and anyone else in the states that have yet to vote. The invective about Obama’s voting habits will flow as will votes into Hillary’s column…and…and…

Naw, can’t be that either. So what’s the strategy here?